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Pollination and pollen germination in common juniper (Juniperus communis: Cupressaceae). P. 162–174

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MV Surso1
1 Federal Research Centre of Complex Studying of Arctic Regions of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation)
Corresponding author: Mikhail Surso (surso@fciarctic.ru)


Pollination and fertilization are the most important and responsible stages in sexual reproduction of coniferous plants. The period of high concentrations of juniper pollen in overhead during pollination period is no more than 4–6 hours and within one calendar day. This dependence remains invariable from year to year, and does not depend neither from weather conditions, nor the peculiarities of the place where juniper grows. Influence of external agents on dynamics of exudation of a juniper pollination droplet is studied. The duration of exudation and volume of secretory liquid exuded by tissues of ovules during the period of prescription in the juniper depend from presence of external agents on a surface of pollination droplet, their sizes and physical and chemical properties. The pollination droplet chemical compound is studied. In sugars composition of juniper pollination droplet there are only two monosaccharides: glucose and galactose. the amino acids composition is prevailed by arginine, aspartic and glutamic acids. The results of the studies confirm complex chemical composition and multifunctionality of juniper pollination droplet. The pollination mechanism of juniper is effective and selective. The morphological structure of pollen grains of juniper predetermines the processes of pollen germination at early stages. The hydrophilic capsule, formed pollen hydration, promotes to exine rupture and shedding. This capsule remains until the fertilization. The distal tip of pollen tube remains in itduring all time of its growth. In culture in vitro development of pollen tubes of juniper proceeds non-uniformly. At definition of juniper pollen viability it is necessary to consider a stage of pollen tubes development.

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