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Cartographic Coverage of the Barents Region of the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periods. P. 5–11

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Section: Geosciences




Vampilova Ludmila Borisovna
Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin


Article is executed on the basis of studying of the cartographical works of the Soviet and Post-Soviet periods, which are stocked in the National Library of Russia, cartographic department of RAS and the Russian Geographical Society. The detailed list of the most important and famous cartographical works of Soviet and post-Soviet periods with a brief summary is provided. Presentation of information corresponds to the plan of accepted geographic characteristics: initially focuses on the maps with the main geological, geomorphological components of the natural differentiation of the environment, land water bodies and basins of the Arctic seas, as well as vegetation, including peat-bog. We paid attention to survey and regional maps of protected areas. We consider the social and economic maps, including administrative-territorial division of subjects of the Russian Federation, ethnographic, historical and complex atlases of the regions. It is noted that the activation of mapping of the USSR territory is related to the development of new territories, the need to search for minerals, development of the economy and the possibility of the use of aerospace methods. Maps and atlases of the last period - are the formation of spatial maps of the territory of the former Soviet Union and modern Russia, which will allow researchers to use a number of interesting materials. At the same time, some of these products can be used for retrospective analysis of the Soviet period environmental changes of development of the region landscapes, for historical and geographical studies. Retrospective insight into the practice of mapping of the Barents region is executed. The author carried out the analysis of aspects of application of the Russian atlases and maps in modern historical and geographical researches.


cartographical works, natural maps, social and economic maps, landscape map, geobotanical map, map of forest estates, satellite images, aerophotographs
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