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State Regulation of Investment Activity of Oil and Gas Companies (the Komi Republic). P. 53–60

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Section: Geosciences




Timonina Natalya Nikolaevna
Institute of Geology, Komi Science Centre Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Syktyvkar, Russia)
Kuznetsov Dmitriy Sergeevich
Institute of Geology, Komi Science Centre Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Syktyvkar, Russia)


Article is devoted to the questions of state regulation of investment activity of the enterprises of oil and gas complex of the Republic of Komi. The Republic has one of the highest investment ratings among the Russian regions due to the availability of rich mineral resource base. For over half a century, the Republic remains a stable supplier of hydrocarbon raw materials for the industry of the country: it accounts for about 6 % of the annual oil production in Russia. To determine the investment attractiveness and clarify feasibility of investing valuation of reserves and resources of oil and gas was conducted at three categories: mineral potential, mineral wealth and demanded mineral wealth. Currently, the regional authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation have little impact on the oil and gas companies. At the same time, to ensure sustainable social and economic development of the region it is necessary to stabilize oil production. Due to the fact that on the territory of the Republic new hydrocarbon reserves are presented in small and hard-to-reach deposits, their identification and development require non-traditional approaches and, consequently, solid investment. In order to develop a mechanism of administrative control of the oil and gas complex at the regional level, the experience of the Republic of Komi in the field of cooperation agreements between the Government of the Republic of Komi and leading companies was analyzed on issues of economic development, environmental security, social responsibility, development of infrastructure, increased investment. Economic mechanisms of regulation are based on investment deduction for the companies. The paper shows advantages and disadvantages of the developed system of evaluation of investment projects and proposals to improve procedures for granting tax exemptions. The article proves the need to increase annual investment in development of drilling and hydrocarbon fields, the introduction of modern innovative methods of enhanced oil recovery.


oil and gas complex, crude-oil production, production drilling, enhanced oil recovery, investment policy
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