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Juglans regia L. in the Context of Moscow. C. 83–90

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Section: Biology




Viktoriya V. Sokolova*, Aleksandr K. Mamontov*
*N.V. Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation)


The paper presents the results of the introduction of the poorly distributed walnut crop in terms of Moscow. The authors have carried out an inventory of nut plantations in the Department of natural flora of the N.V. Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and have found the quantitative indicators of the collection: the maximum age, diameter, height, distribution across the growth form (monocormic, deliquescent, bushlike). The trees of the latter type are least promising, as they are stool shoots almost without fruiting. The trees of the first type are most valuable, as they have a main trunk and regular fruiting. Based on 30 years observations of the collection we have studied the resistance of trees to some unfavorable factors and have identified three groups of trees: stable trees, the so-called plus-trees with the greatest frost hardiness that are hardly damaged by diseases; trees with minor injuries that are infected by diseases to a small extent, but deliquescent, sometimes with basal shoots; and unstable trees in our climate, affected by diseases, that have fallen into a stunted, bushlike form and have lost the fruiting ability. The basic tree damages and diseases are identified. We estimated the yield of plants, studied the morphological characteristics and quality of fruits. The paper compares the yield of the samples of the Moscow species population with the populations in the countries of the near abroad and some regions of Central Russia. A stunted fast-fruiting form of species is considered. The authors illustrate the prospects of further spread of walnut as an orchard crop, especially in the fastfruiting forms, in the Moscow region and make some recommendations for further growing.


nut plants, walnut, Juglans regia, yield, introduction, Moscow region
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