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The 7th National School-Conference of Young Scientists “Supercritical Fluid Technologies in the Environmental Management: the Advanced Materials Development”. C. 116–119

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Tat’yana E. Skrebets*
*Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation)


The 7th national school-conference for young scientists “Supercritical fluid technologies in the
environmental management: the advanced materials development” took place in the Northern (Arctic)
Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov on September 13–15, 2016. More than 100 students,
postgraduate students and young scientists under 35 years from the universities and research
organizations of Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Penza, Samara participated in
the conference. They gave the reports on the new technologies of advanced materials for medicine and
pharmaceutics, new composite and structural materials, high-purity materials and catalysts, and the use
of supercritical fluids for the technological development.


supercritical fluid, new material, environmental problem, school-conference, young scientist
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