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Analysis of Rare and Protected Plant Species of the Petukhovsky Archipelago on the Southern Tip of Novaya Zemlya. P. 84–90

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Section: Biology




Moseev Dmitry Sergeevich
Scientific Research Centre “Viking” (Arkhangelsk, Russia)


An inventory of rare and protected plant species on the Petukhovsky archipelago in the Kara Strait was carried out in accordance with the documents regulating their protection. The ecological features of their growth were investigated. More than 20 protected plant species were found, including Rhodiola rosea, Saxifraga aizoides, Saxifraga cespitosa, Stellaria edwardsii, Papaver polaris. A number of species are rare representatives of the flora of Novaya Zemlya: Vaccinium vitis-idaea and Equisetum arvense. Such a rich protected species composition can be explained by the weak anthropogenic impact on the ecosystem of the islands. For example, on the Ozernoy Island we have found a large population of Rhodiola rosea, which is an important dominant species in the plant community. The majority of protected species are found in petrophyte tundra communities and are confined to the coastal strip, and the sea spray zone, where they tend to grow in the areas protected from storm winds.


biodiversity, island flora, protected species, Petukhovsky archipelago, distribution of the species, phytocenosis
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