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Old Cartographic Works in the Russian Part of the Barents Region. P. 5–11

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Section: Geosciences




Vampilova Lyudmila Borisovna
School of Natural Science, Geography and Tourism, Pushkin Leningrad State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)


The paper studied old cartographic works from the National Library of Russia. A detailed list of the most important cartographic works with short descriptions is provided. The author has developed a period-based classification: a) the earliest cartographic works (Old Russian drafts); b) maps (“drafts”) of the era of Peter the Great; c) the earliest and most remarkable Russian maps and atlases d) atlases of the nineteenth-century Russia. The age of Peter the Great saw dramatic changes in cartography: the principles of map production changed and surveyors of that time worked according to the principles of Western European cartography. In order to develop new territories one needed to conduct major comprehensive studies of the country and make accurate geographical maps. Old maps and atlases are a valuable source allowing one to study the evolution of nature, population and natural resources of the eighteenth- and nineteenthcentury Russia and enabling our researchers to use a number of new and rather interesting materials in their work. The author turns to the history of mapping the Russian Part of the Barents Region and analyzes the aspects of using the earliest Russian maps and atlases in modern historical and geographical researches.


cartographic works, maps in the Barents Region, maps of the era of Peter the Great, Old Russian drafts, atlases of the Russian Empire
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