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Introduction to Geochemistry of Allelopathy as Exemplified by Tundra Phytocenoses. Pp. 28–40.

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Section: Geosciences


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Tregubov Oleg Dmitrievich, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Northeast Complex Research Institute, 

Taisaev Trofim Tabanovich, Buryat State University, Faculty of Biology and Geography


The article considers regularities of chemical elements’ biogenic migration in terms of allelopathic interactions of plants within communities. Having taken tundra landscapes of the Chukchi Peninsula as an example, we analyzed correlation of changes in the plants’ chemical composition with the soil geochemistry and structure of phytocenoses. It was shown that changes of tundra phytocenoses in ecological succession are accompanied by a natural change in the chemical composition of plants. A conclusion was made that rearrangement of the vegetative cover, which is aimed at providing sustainable landscapes, is done by changing the microelement content of the plants and geochemical background of tundra soils.


biogeochemistry, ecological biochemistry, allelopathy, tundra phytocenosis, landscape sustainability.

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