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Formation of Island Populations of Plants in the Arctic Tundra (on the Example of the Petukhovsky Archipelago Islands in the Pechora Sea). Pp. 28–33.

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Section: Geosciences




Moseev Dmitry Sergeevich, Scientific Research Centre «Viking» (Arkhangelsk) 

Miskevich Igor Vladimirovich, Scientific Research Centre «Viking» (Arkhangelsk)


It is shown that the processes of vegetation formation in petrophyte tundra, typical of the islands researched, greatly depend on the influence of storm winds. The best conditions for plant growth are obtained in various lows, in the shelter of large rocks and boulders. Specific landscapes are being formed here, characterized by cushion plants, prostrate and creeping forms, rosette-like and herbaceous plants with a main stem.


Petukhovsky archipelago, Pechora Sea, petrophyte tundra, plant communities, formation, wind, relief.

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