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Relaxation of the Nematics Director Orientation at Periodic Shift. Pp. 74–79.

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Section: Physics. Mathematics. Informatics


03, 07


Denisova Olga Arkadyevna, Ufa State Academy of Economics and Service, Physics Department 

Chuvyrov Alexander Nikolaevich, Bashkir State University, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology


Experimental investigation of acoustic and optical properties of thin homeotropic layers of nematic liquid crystals under the influence of a low-frequency periodic shift has been carried out. The cell under study was a «sandwich» with a moving symmetrical plate in the centre. It was found that the relaxation processes of the director reorientation after disabling the perturbation are described by exponential time dependence; the relaxation times are tens of seconds.


nematic liquid crystal, relaxation of liquid crystals.

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