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Версия для печати


Grishchenko I.V.

Characteristics of Ice Processes in the Northern Dvina River Estuary and Their Development Trends in a Changing Climate. P. 5–11

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Market Value Determination of the City Lands in Gatchina of Leningrad Region. P. 12–18

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Non-Equilibrium Uranium in Kimberlites and Host Rocks of the Pionerskaya Pipe of the M.V. Lomonosov Deposit. P. 19–28


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Endemism of Freshwater Fish Fauna in the Geothermal Regions: a Review of the Molecular and Biogeographic Studies. P. 29–50

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Seasonal Shoot Growth and the Prospects of the Thuja Occidentalis L. Introduction in the Southern Taiga of Karelia. P. 51–60

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Zoogeographical Characteristic of Carabidae of the European North-East of Russia. P. 61–79

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Arrangements for Consolidating of Copper by Technogenic Modified Soils in Arkhangelsk. P. 80–88

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Growth and Reproductive Response of Picea abies (L.) Karst. x P. obovata Ledeb. in Climate Change Simulation. P. 89–96

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Volodina E.V., Il''ina I.I., Timofeeva N.N.

Interactive Web-Application Development for Solving the Mathematical Parameter Problems by Dynamic Graphics. P. 97–103

Konechnaya N.N., Safonova T.A., Tagirova R.N.

Asymptotics of the Eigenvalues and Regularized Trace of the First-Order Sturm– Liouville Operator with d-Potential. P. 104–113

Academic Life

Ivlev M.L.

To the Special Purpose Vessels – Free Fairway! P. 114–117

Khaymina L.E., Parkhimovich M.N., Yufryakova O.A.

XII International Youth IT Festival "IT-Arkhangelsk". P. 118–122