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Gubaydullin M.G., Krayneva O.V.

Technique of the Expert Evaluation of Environmental Geological Pollution in the Oil Spills (the Case of the Coastland of the Barents Sea). P. 5–15

Ocheretenko A.A., Kiselev G.P.

Radiocarbon C14 and the Method of Its Determination in the Thallus of the Lichen Genus Cladonia Web. P. 16–23

Ushakov M.V.

Climate Change in а Cold Season in Magadan Region. P. 24–31

Vishnevaya Yu.S., Popova L.F.

Motor Transport Impact on the Soil Cover Contamination with Heavy Metals in the City of Arkhangelsk. P. 32–41


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Variability of Assimilation Apparatus Indicators of Spruce Climatypes of the Provenance Trial Plantations in the Komi Republic. P. 42–50

Zarubina L.V.

The Effect of Nitrogen on Photosynthesis and Growth of Spruce in the Birch Forests (the Case of Lomovoye Station). P. 51–64

Kekisheva Yu.E.

Rare and Protected Plants and Communities of Spruce Forests of the Plesetsk District, Arkhangelsk Region. P. 65–73

Potapov G.S., Kolosova Yu.S.

Local Faunae of Bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombus Latr.) in the European North of Russia: the Lower Reaches of the Mezen River. P. 74–81

Aksenov V.V., Yulkova V.M.

The Assessment of Critical Conditions of Dispersed Magnesium Ignition in Water Vapor. P. 82–90

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Aksenov V.V., Yulkova V.M.

The Assessment of Critical Conditions of Dispersed Magnesium Ignition in Water Vapor. P. 91–98

Bederdinova O.I., Boytsova Yu.A.

Software Integral Qualitative Estimation. P. 99–106

Koposov S.G., Koposov G.D., Shestakov L.N.

The Study of an Ice Premelting Phase in Water-Containing Disperse Media with Dissociating Impurities. P. 107–114

Safonova T.A., Ryabchenko S.V.

On the Eigenvalues of the Sturm– Liouville Operator with a Singular Potential. P. 115–125

Stenin V.A.

Evaluation of Numerical Properties of the Sample Circuit in the Heat Conduction Modeling by the State-Variable Approach. P. 126–132

Reviews and Bibliography

Smolin A.S.

Polymers are Very Interesting. P. 133–135





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