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Версия для печати

Kudryashova E.V.

I Wish the Scientific Journal of the Arctic University Interesting Topics, Relevant and Important Projects. Pp. 5–8.

Bogolitsyn K.G.

Science – the Basis for the Development of a Federal University. Pp. 9–18.


Byzova N.M.

Landscape Structure of the Arkhangelsk Region and Problems of Nature Management. Pp. 19–24.

Gubaidullin M.G.

Priority Directions of Staff Training and Scientific Research in NArFU named after M.V. Lomonosov for Implementation of North-Arctic Oil and Gas Projects. Pp. 25–31.

Kondratov N.A.

International Use of the Northern Sea Route at the Turn of the 20th – 21st Century: Economic and Geographical Aspect. Pp. 32–38.

Sokolova A.A.

The North Russian Model of Nature Management under Conditions of Transbaikal Intermountain Basins (Based on Dialect Lexicography Materials). Pp. 39–44.


Bebyakova N.A., Levitsky S.N., Komandresova T.M., Shabalina I.A.

On the Mechanisms of Dalargin Anti-Constrictor Effect. Pp. 45–50.

Bespalaya Ju.V., Bolotov I.N., Makhrov A.A., Dvoryankin G.A., Usacheva O.V., Sokolova S.E.

The State of the Population of the European Pearl Mussel Margaritifera Margaritifera (L.) (mollusca, margaritiferidae) in the Kozha River (the Onega River Basin, the European North of Russia). Pp. 51–57.

Gribanov A.V.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children: the Results of Researches in the North of Russia. Pp. 58–64.

Gudkov A.B.

Adaptive Reactions in Rotation Workers’ Bodies in the Arctic Region. Pp. 65–70.

Kolosova Ju.S., Potapov G.S., Podbolotskaya M.V.

Seasonal Dynamics in Populations of Bumblebees (Hymenoptera, Apidae: Bombus) in the Northern Taiga. Pp. 71–76.

Popova E.V., Volokitina T.V

Features of Intellect Structure Development in Schoolchildren Aged 11-18 Years. Pp. 77–86.

Chernozyomov V.G., Abramova M.A.

Features of Bronchial Conductivity in Schoolchildren with Scoliosis. Pp. 87–94.

Shilova N.A., Pronina O.A.

Some Aspects of Updating the Procedure of Evaluation of Littoral Fucaceae Stocks in the White Sea. Pp. 95–101.

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Kozlov O.A., Khaimina L.E., Khaimin E.S.

On Training of Education Informatization Staff in the Context of Implementing New Educational Standards. Pp. 102–107.

Svinyin S.F., Vlasenko Yu.S., Konovalov M.A., Popov A.I.

Discretization of Multidimensional Analog Data: Finite Spectra and Limited Length Fields. Pp. 108–113.

Academic Life

Gribanov A.V., Startseva L.F.

On the Work of the Thesis Council in 2011. Pp. 114–118.





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