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Babich N.А., Ushakova S.N.

Activity of Segetal Species in Forest Nurseries of the Southern Taiga Subzone of the Vologda Region. Pp. 5–9.

Belyaev V.V., Staritsyn V.V.

Effect of Tectonic Junctions on Changes in Blueberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) and Cowberry (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea L.) Yields in the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 10–15.

Gorshkov D.P., Shvartsman Yu.G.

Effect of Geo-Ecological Factors on the Development of Natural Resources of the Belomor-Kuloy Plateau. Pp. 16–22.

Ivanova Е.V.

Use of Cluster Analysis for Classification and Identification of Seismic Events from Local Distances. Pp. 23–27.

Moseev D.S., Miskevich I.V.

Formation of Island Populations of Plants in the Arctic Tundra (on the Example of the Petukhovsky Archipelago Islands in the Pechora Sea). Pp. 28–33.

Filippova V.V., Savvinova А.N.

More Precise Location of Traditional Settlements and Traditional Economic Activities of the Indigenous Minorities of Northern Yakutia by Maps of Different Periods. Pp. 34–39.

Sheveleva А.V., Shvartsman Yu.G.

Problems of Ecological Safety at Development of Lomonosov Diamond Deposit. Pp. 40–46.


Drovnina S.I., Khmara K.А., Burlakov P.S.

Discovery of Rare Plant Species in the Polta River Basin of Pinezhsky District of the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 47–52.

Kolosova J. S., Potapov G.S., Podbolotskaya M.V.

Local Bumblebee Faunas (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombini) of the European North of Russia: the Lower Reaches of the Northern Dvina River. Pp. 53–58.

Nakvasina Е.N., Kopylova M.V., Parinova T.А.

Condition of Meadows on Islands of the Northern Dvina Flood-Plain (on the Example of Primorsky District Meadows). Pp. 59–65.

Shchegoleva L.S., Filippova О.Е., Nekrasova М.V.

Features of Humoral Immune Response in Inhabitants of the Circumpolar Region. Pp. 66–70.

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Garipova G.M.

The Vacuole Model Revisited: New Terms in the Second Order Deflection of Light. Pp. 71–73.

Denisova О.А., Chuvyrov А.N.

Relaxation of the Nematics Director Orientation at Periodic Shift. Pp. 74–79.

Lukashev V.V., Popov V.N., Yushkanov А.А.

Calculation of the Stream of Heat in the Problem on Couette’s Current with the Use of the Mirror-Diffusion Model of the Boundary Condition on the Channel Walls. Pp. 80–85.

Golovina L.Yu.

Quality Analysis of the Stationary Organization of Queueing Systems. Pp. 86–90.

Academic Life

Burova N.V., Churakova Е.Yu.

XII Perfilyev Readings. Russian National Conference «Study, Protection and Efficient Use of Vegetation Cover in the Arctic and Adjacent Areas». Pp. 91–92.

Kozhevnikov А.Yu.

Research and Practice Seminar in Microscopy for Materials Science and Biotechnology. Pp. 93–94.

Suslonova I.N., Melnikova N.G.

Public Halth: an Important Component of the Demographic Development. Pp. 95–102.





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