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Byzova N.M., Smirennikova E.V.

Forming Factors of Tourism Potential of the Arctic Islands in the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 5–13.

Gubaidullin M. G., Konyukhov А.V., Ambarov V.V.

Method of Sea Coast Reinforcement under Exploitation of Oil-and-Gas Facilities in the Far North. Pp. 14–17.

Kolesov V.А.

Decision Support System for Rational Forest Management Based on Simulation Modelling. Pp. 18–24.

Konyukhov А.V., Ambarov V.V.

Construction of Bases and Foundation Beds of Oil-and-Gas Installations in the Arctic Regions. Pp. 25–28.

Korobov V.B., Dolgoshcholova M.I.

Environmental Load of the Arkhangelsk Region under Transport Functioning. Pp. 29–34.

Popova L.F., Nakvasina Е.N.

Environmental Standardization of Soil Quality in the Arkhangelsk Industrial Agglomeration. Pp. 35–41.

Popova L.F.

Environmental Standardization of Heavy Metals Content in the Soils of the Arkhangelsk Industrial Agglomeration. Pp. 42–47.

Feklistov P.А.

Estimation of the Impact Area of the Nyurbinsk Diamond Deposit Road “Rotational Settlement Nakyn- Industrial Zone” by Means of Bioindication. Pp. 48–53.


Rai Е.А., Burova N.V., Slastnikov S.I.

The Effect of Leaving the Trees after Clear-Cutting on Floristic Diversity. Pp. 54–58.

Sokolova L.V., Cherkasova A.S.

Functional Interaction of Cortex Areas of Students During Reading in Russian and English. Pp. 59–65.

Cherevichko А.V.

Zooplankton of Different Waterbodies in Malozemelskaya Tundra. Pp. 66–72.

Dolgin M.M., Kolesnikova A.A., Konakova T.N.

Soil Mesofauna of the Komi Republic Middle Taiga Forests. Pp. 73–85.

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Puolokainen Т.М.

Classification and Covering of Class “A” Polyhedra. Pp. 86–94.

Rusinov I.А.

Formalization and Optimization of Cargo Handling in Containers at Specialized Terminals. Pp. 95–102.

Shablovsky О.N., Krol D.G.

Hysteresis and Entropy of Oscillations Induced in a Medium with Sine-Gordon Source. Pp. 103–110.

Academic Life

Shumilova Ju.N.

The First “Arctic Floating University” Expedition. Pp. 111–113.





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