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Andrianov V.V., Lukin L.R., Lebedev А.А., Neverova N.V.

The Environmental Impact of the Oil Spill in the Onega Bay. Pp. 5–12.

Vorobyeva T.Ya., Ershova А.А., Moreva O.Yu., Chupakov A.V., Zabelina S.A., Klimov S.I.

Microbiological and Hydrochemical Aspects of Nitrogen Cycle in the Lakes of Kenozero National Park. Pp. 13–21.

Katkova E.G., Oborin M.S., Klimova O.V.

Natural resources and their role in the recreational development of the region. Pp. 22–27.

Tregubov O.D., Taisaev Т.Т.

Introduction to Geochemistry of Allelopathy as Exemplified by Tundra Phytocenoses. Pp. 28–40.


Anufriev V.V.

Comparative Assessment of Bird and Mammal Populations of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra and Gydan Peninsula. Pp. 41–49.

Gogolitsyn V.A.

Pigment Complex of the White Sea Phytoplankton Community from the Multiyear Aspect. Pp. 50–60.

Dolgin M.М., Kolesnikova А.А., Konakova Т.N.

Dynamics of the Soil Mesofauna Population in the Middle Taiga Forests of the Komi Republic. Pp. 61–68.

Lipatov V.Yu.

Temperature Mode of the Winter Cluster of the Northern Ecotype Honeybee in the Perm Krai. Pp. 69–74.

Lyubas А.А., Bolotov I.N., Kriauchiunas V.V.

Variations in Fauna and Natural Habitats of Freshwater Pearl Mussels (Bivalvia, Unionoida: Margaritiferidae) During the Mesozoic. Pp. 75–81.

Sidorova O.V., Pakhov A.S., Sofronov A.A.

Ecological and Biomorphological Properties of Salix pentandra L. Pp. 82–89.

Solonin Yu.G., Markov А.L., Boiko Е.R.

Functional Status of “Mars-500” Project Participants from Syktyvkar in Different Seasons of the Year. Pp. 90–97.


Dernov A.I., Dyakova Е.V., Guryev А.V.

Assessment of Fiber Strength in the Structure of Pulp and Paper Materials. Indirect Testing Methods. Pp. 98–107.

Korelskaya Т.А., Popova L .F.

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Organic Matter Content in the Soils of Arkhangelsk Urbanized Landscapes. Pp. 108–115.

Kotova Е.I.

Formation of the Chemical Composition of Precipitation in the North of the European Part of Russia. Pp. 116–122.

Academic Life

Kondratov N.А.

Studying the Russian North and the Arctic: a Review of Geographical Sources. Pp. 123–127.

Index of the articles published in the journal in 2012. Pp. 128–130.





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