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Версия для печати


Belyaev V.V., Kononov О.D., Karaban А.А., Staritsyn V.V.

Condition of Woody Plants on the Farmlands Excluded from the Economic Turnover in the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 5–11.

Ievlev А.А.

Ust-Berdysh Metallurgical Plant: the History of Its Establishment and Activity. Pp. 12–18.

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Features of Spatial Variability of Radioactive Background in Arkhangelsk. Pp. 19–27.

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Grain-Size Composition of Bottom Sediments in the Estuarine Zones of the Minor Rivers of the White Sea Onega Bay. Pp. 28–34.

Oborin М.S.

Regional Analysis of the Study of Recreational Systems. Pp. 35–42.

Konovalova N.V., Preminina Ya.K.

Methodological Features of Social Mapping of Regions. Pp. 43–48.

Titova K.V., Kokryatskaya N.M.

Distribution of Reactive Iron in the Bottom Deposits of Minor Lakes. Pp. 49–54.

Chukhina О.V.

The Effect of Fertilizers on Potato Productivity in the Vologda Region. Pp. 55–60.

Shvakova E.V.

Changes in Urease Activity with High Content of Heavy Metals (Pb, Zn, Cu) in the Soil. Pp. 61–66.


Demina N.А., Nakvasina E.N.

Importance of Geographical Variability of Spruce Quality for Target Cultivation of Forests. Pp. 67–74.

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Gastropods in Ancient and Modern Pymvashor Thermal Springs (Bolshezemelskaya Tundra). Pp. 75–83.

Ryzhkova М.V.

Macrozoobenthos of the Offshore Strip of the White Sea Throat. Pp. 84–89.

Solovyeva N.V., Bazhukova Т.А., Agafonov V.М.

Probiotic Correction of Microecological Disorders in Patients with Damaged Liver. Pp. 90–95.

Suntsov S.А.

Characteristics of Attention in 12-Year-Old Boxers. Pp. 96–101.

Surso М.V.

Morphological and Anatomical Changes in Vegetative Organs and Tissues of Coniferous Species at Insect Gall Formation. Pp. 102–112.


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Selenium Content in Water Bodies of the Arkhangelsk Region, the White and the Barents Seas. Pp. 113–121.

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Assessment of Filterability of Fiberglass-Based Material. Pp. 122–127.

Academic Life

Eremin V.V., Lagunov А.Yu.

Features of the Intelligent Information System ”Knowledge Pot”. Pp. 128–131.

Safronova Т.А.

National Scientific Conference “Operator Theory and Its Applications”. Pp. 132–133.