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Vaygach Island Ecosystems Dynamics Due to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Pressures. Pp. 5–13.

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Geological and Physical Characteristics of Productive Layers of the Varandey Field and Assessment of Potential Environmental Hazards of Crude Oil. Pp. 14–23.

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Prospects for the Arkhangelsk Region Transport Development. Pp. 33–38.

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Prospects for Hunting Tourism in the Arkhangelsk Region. Pp. 39–45.


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White Whale (Delphinapterus leucas) as an Indicator Species of the White Sea Environmental Status. Pp. 46–55.

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Natural Habitat Change of English Oak (Quercus robur L.). Pp. 56–58.

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Assortment Tables for Larch Stands in the European North. Pp. 59–66.

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Sex-Linked Peculiarities of Spatio-Temporal Organization of Brain Bioelectrical Activity When Listening to Relaxing Music. Pp. 67–75.

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Psychophysiological Features of Type Font Perception. Pp. 76–85.

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In vitro Pollen Germination of Common Juniper (Juniperus communis L.). Pp. 86–92.

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Light Conditions in Stands of Different Species Composition on the Solovetsky Islands. Pp. 93–100.

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Influence of Drainage on the Content of Mineral Elements in Pine Needles. Pp. 101–108.

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Influence of the Minimum Fertilizer Dose and Fertilizer Calculation Systems on Yields in Crop Rotation. Pp. 109–118.


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Evaluation of Lead and Mercury Content in the White and Barents Seas Pp. 119–125.

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Aleshko R.А., Guryev А.Т.

Thematic Interpretation of Taiga Forests Aerospace Images Using Systems Analysis Methods. Pp. 126–132.

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Geometry of the Tangent Cone to Busemann Non-Positively Curved G-Space. Pp. 133–138.

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Algorithm for Development of Information Protection System. Pp. 139–146.

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Transition of Water Molecules from the Ice Surface to Hydrophilic Materials. Pp. 147–154.

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Addition ⊕ on the Set of Nonnegative Integers. Pp. 155–162.

Academic Life

Budiev А.Yu., Lupachev V.V., Logunov K.V.

Public Health Problems in the Arctic. Pp. 163–165.





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