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Версия для печати


Vaganova N.V., Morozov А.N.

Focus of the Earthquake That Occurred in the Arkhangelsk Region on 28 March 2013. Pp. 5–11.

Kiselev G.P., Bazhenov А.V., Kiseleva I.М.

Radioactive Isotopes in the Soils of Arkhangelsk Industrial Agglomeration. Pp. 12–20.

Kutinov Yu.G., Chistova Z.B., Gofarov М.Yu., Mineev А.L.

Сurrent Tectonic Activity of the Kandalaksha Graben According to a Set of Data. Pp. 21–29.

Skyutte N.G., Romanis Т.V.

Thermal Regime of the Soils of Pymvashor Natural Area. Pp. 30–37.

Popova L.F., Bechina I.N.

Peculiarities of Nutrient Accumulation and Migration in the Soils of Novodvinsk. Pp. 38–43.

Trubitsyna O.P.

Acid Loads in the North of the Russian Plain. Pp. 44–49.

Shoshina K.V.

Monitoring and Research of Forest Roads. Pp. 50–54.


Bogdanov А.P., Koptev S.V., Tretyakov S.V.

Commodity Tables for Evaluation of Larch Stands in the European North. Pp. 55–63.

Kraynova I.N., Demin A.V., Moroz T.P.

Bioelectric Activity of the Heart in Women with Severe Postural Instability. Pp. 64–69.

Potapov G.S., Kolosova Yu.S., Podbolotskaya М.V.

Structure of Bumblebee Communities (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombus Latr.) in Karelia. Pp. 70–76.

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Astapova Е.S., Borilko А.S., Astapov I.А.

Choice of Approximation Function Based on the Structural Data of 8 % Co–92 % Wc Alloy. Pp. 77–83.

Gulakova S.V., Popov V.N.

Mathematical Modelling of Transport Processes in the Problem of Poiseuille Flow on the Basis of Williams Equation. Pp. 84–89.

Bederdinova О.I., Smolkin V.D., Pushkin М.S.

Automatic Module for Evaluation of Acoustic and Vibration Protection of Rooms. Pp. 90–96.

Starostina V.V., Teplyakov V.V.

Around Sharkovsky’s Theorem. Pp. 97–104.

Academic Life

Kutinov Yu.G.

NArFU’s Arctic Space Monitoring Centre for Studying Northern Territories of Russia. Pp. 105–106.

Index of the articles published in the journal in 2013. Pp. 107–109.





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