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Vampilova L.B.

Old Cartographic Works in the Russian Part of the Barents Region. P. 5–11

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Plant and Animal Species of Southern Origin in the Vaga and Northern Dvina Rivers Interstream Area. P. 12–22

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Long- Term Changes in Uranium Isotopes Activity in the Vendian Groundwater of the Mezen Syneclise. P. 23–31

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Factors of Anthropogenic Impact on the Northern Dvina River Basin. P. 32–40

Ruzhnikov А.G.

Methods of Fluid Loss Measurement While Drilling Lithified Shale Deposits. P. 41–44


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Vertical Stability of Hard-of-Hearing Children Aged 7–9 Years at Visual Deprivation. P. 45–51

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Dynamics of Root Respiration in Pine and Spruce Trees of Northern Taiga Plant Communities. P. 52–60

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Ecological Stability of Geographical Races of Spruce. P. 61–70

Staritsyn V.V., Belyaev V.V.

On the Current State of Cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) and Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) Resources in the Forests of the Arkhangelsk Region. P. 71–77

Tyukavina О.N.

Speed of Sound Impulse Propagation in Pine Wood. P. 78–85

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Bumblebee Species Diversity in Protected Areas of the Middle Part of the Timan Ridge. P. 86–93

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A Summary of Vascular Plants on Franz Josef Land. P. 94–101

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H. Goebel's Observations in the History of Ornithological Research in the European North of Russia (1864). P. 102–112

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Bederdinova О.I., Ivanova L.А.

Improvement of White-Box Software Testing Method. P. 113–123

Lukashev V.V., Popov V.N.

Mathematical Modelling of Transport Processes for Various Regimes of Rarefied Gas Flow in the Channel. P. 124–128

Tomashevsky I.L.

High-Frequency Asymptotics of Solutions of Some Linear Differential Equations with Periodic Coefficients. P. 129–133





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