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Vampilova L.B., Krasil''nikova I.N., Krivulya I.V., Manakov A.G., Terenina N.K., Sokolova A.A.

The Experience of the Ethnographic Study Management in the Pskov Region. P. 5–12

Gubaydullin M.G., Makarskiy N.A., Yangirov I.V.

Research of the Thermal Regime of Frozen Rocks Under the Heat Effect of the Oil Infrastructure. P. 13–21

Dorfman M.B., Khinchuk K.E.

Changing of Water Flooding Dynamics on the East-Kolvinskiy Oilfield at the Start of Water Injection. P. 22–27

Yur''ev A.V., Shulev V.E.

Determination of Water-Oil Displacement Efficiency on the Whole Core Samples. P. 28–34


Zarubina L.V.

Evaluation of Natural Reforestation in the Small- Leaved Forests and Fellings of the North. P. 35–45

Zubriy N.A., Filippov B.Yu.

Carabid Beetles Local Fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the Typical Tundra of the Yugor Peninsula. P. 46–55

Kopytkov V.V., Konovalov V.N.

Silvicultural Efficiency of Cow Composts Application at Seedlings Cultivation of Conifers. P. 56–64

Nakvasina E.N., Zemtsovskaya O.N., Denisova A.I.

Influence of Saponite-Containing Kimberlite Refinement Tailings on the Turfy Substrates Properties. P. 65–72

Tyukavina O.N.

Temperature Regime of a Scots Pine in a Climate of Arkhangelsk. P. 73–79

Filippov D.A., Boychuk M.A.

Mosses of the Shichengskiy Landscape Reserve (Vologda Region). P. 80–89


Mar''yandyshev P.A., Chernov A.A., Lyubov V.K.

Determination of Kinetic Characteristics of Thermal Decomposition of Fuels in Order to Analyze the Combustion Processes. P. 118–128

Chagina N.B., Ayvazova E.A., Ivanchenko N.L., Varakin E.A.

Snow Cover Analysis of Arkhangelsk Roadside Territories. P. 129–141

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Bederdinova O.I., Zhukova I.V.

Conceptual Assessment Model of Acoustic Leak Minimization by Technical Channels. P. 90–101

Polovinkina Yu.S.

Iterative Splines Modifications Based on the Bernstein Polynomials. P. 102–108

Yastrebov A.V., Shabanova M.V.

The Quadrangle Midlines, or Attractive Useless Synthesis. P. 109–117





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