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Bryzgalo V.A., Reshetnyak O.S., Kosmenko L.S., Kondakova M.Yu.

Variation of the Ecological Conditions and Pollutant Transport along the Length of the Pechora River. P. 5–14

Kononov O.D., Popov A.I.

The Problem of Reclamation of Disturbed Tundra Lands in the Nenets Autonomous Disctrict. P. 15–21

Yur'eva Z.P.

The History of the Lower Devonian Deposits Study in the Outcrops of the Timan-Northern Ural Region. P. 22–32


Amosova I.B., Sidorova O.V., Churakova E.Yu., Mamontov V.N.

On Distribution of Lobaria Scrobiculata (Scop.) Dc. in the Arkhangelsk Region. P. 33–39

Leonova N.B., Goryainova I.N., Mukhin G.D.

Phytodiversity of Forest Outliers in the Agricultural Landscapes in the South of the Arkhangelsk Region. P. 40–50

Potapov G.S., Kolosova Yu.S., Vlasova A.A.

Bumblebee Fauna (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombus Latr.) of the Kaliningrad Region. P. 51–58

Rafikov R.R., Novoselov A.P., Zakharov A.B.

Formation of Ichthyofauna in the Minor Reservoirs of the Komi Republiс. P. 59–67

Sobolev A.N., Feklistov P.A.

Species Composition of the Pine Forests Ground Cover of the Solovetsky Islands. P. 68–79

Tyukavina O.N., Kunnikov F.A.

The Contents of Mineral Elements in the Phytomass of Scots Pine and Balsam Poplar Wood in Arkhangelsk. P. 80–86

Physics. Mathematics. Informatics

Bederdinova O.I., Koryakovskaya N.V., Boytsova Yu.A.

Static Model of the Software Quality Assessment System. P. 87–96

Deundyak V.M., Leonov D.A.

Fast Fourier Transform for Solution of Convolution Equations on Dihedral Groups. P. 97–107

Dorogov Yu.I.

Stiffening and Strength Effect of a Support on Bar Buckling. P. 108–116

Mukhin V.V., Sergeeva D.V.

Continuous Characters of Topological Abelian Cancellative n-аry Semigroups. P. 117–124

Academic Life

Migunova E.S.

N.M. Sibirtsev – the Founder of the Unified Soil Science as a Natural Object and Environment (by the 155th Anniversary) P. 128–135





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